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Hi I'm waiting for lap should be July but poss aug/sep as on hols. I've always hAd left sided endo pain but this last two weeks the pain is agony especially if sorry for the description I need a poo...it's stings and pulls and gravitates to my left hip

I went to my doc as she said I possible could have ovarian cysts that have burst as this creates this pain so she said she will do an ultrasound scan for peace of mind but the lap will deal with any...

Does anyone else have anything like this going on?

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Hi Vicky

I know I have replied to you before. Is this lap with an endo specialist in a centre? A ruptured cyst doesn't cause this pain. It would be an excrucuating stinging that might last a few hours then it would go. Your left sided symptoms are absolutely typical of endo in an area called the pouch of douglas that is often missed by general gynaecologists. It really is vital that you are seen only by an expert in the condition and not a consultant who 'deals' with it as a part of general gynaecology. Click my name and have a look at my post on pouch of douglas endo and I think you will relate entirely with it. Have another look at how to access a specialist centre. x


Hi lindle I visited my gp and she suggested as possibility. But she said when I have my lap it will be sorted and checked . My consultant is an endo speciAlist unfortunately my lap is for in July but I'm on holiday so I think will be aug/sept by time get it which will then mean I've waited 6 months x


You should be in good hands so I hope it all goes well. x



Really interested to read this thread (and find this site) as I suspect I may have endo (or something gynae) - I've just posted today on burning groin pain, and it is actually more on my left side.

Vicky - have you had your results yet?


I have had endo for a few years and 3 laps already do def diagnosed.. The pain always the same side and place but becoming more intense especially when needing a poo. Am waiting did next lap as includes bowel problems and babk pain this time... I made mistake of coming off my pill!!!

Having ultrasound scan as precaution as my lap been delayed ...do you have a date for lap yet x


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