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tranexamic acid and mirena coil??

Does anyone with the mirena coil take tranexamic acid to control their bleeding?

I know it can take 6 months to settle down but I'm not having a continuous period until this happens. Being 3 weeks now. Stopped for a day n half now back with vengeance.

Being checked out at hospital and all is fine with coil position but they more or less said I had to deal with it.

Used tranexamic acid before to control periods/stop them in the past but didn't know if they could be used with the coil.


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Having the exact same problem any updates on this?



I read with interest the amount of people prescribed the mirena as the miracle in contraception.

I would never tolerate something that gave me cramps and caused me to bleed for months on end no matter what the benefit down the track.

This will affect your iron levels and your personal life no end.

If it was me,being 42 having been down most roads,i would take the pill and get this out.

You can always alter a tablet but a device or needle cannot be controlled.

Id get it out quick smart.

Its also one hormone only.

The body functons on two.

I cant see how it would not cause an imbalance affecting your moods and bleeding would be heavy.

Kind regards


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I am having exact thing . Anyone got advice please ?


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