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Mirena Coil - Cramps and Bleeding after 7 weeks

I was recently on Cerezette the one hormone pill until I decided to come off it due to feeling too hormonal, which ultimately lead to me being crazy and irrational (I'm sure youve all been there)

After speaking with a few friends who had the coil fitted and love it, I decided to face my fear and get it inserted....

Since getting it inserted I want to list the following things that have been happening to me and if this has happened to anyone else / is happening it would be great to know im not the only one and what I should do - persevere? Is it normal? Im not sure how much more I can take.

On a brighter note i'm not a crazy woman anymore which is a relief and a nice feeling. I feel in control of my thoughts again.

Here is my list of things that are happening to me:

- Severe cramp every day, I don't even know what its like to feel normal anymore, I just have a constant pain in my pelvic area

- Spotting - sometimes light, sometimes heavy but it is mostly brown not red

- pain after an orgasm

- sickness

- bloating

- Not feeling myself, constantly thinking I don't feel right (I'm not a hypochondriac, I listen to my body, I am just not sure how much longer I should ignore the feeling)

- My sex drive is falling - I used to be very active and think about it a lot - I still have it but I don't feel the same as before which is getting me down. I guess any normal woman would feel like this if they were constantly bleeding and feeling bloated (not sexy)

Thats about it for now. I know its only been 7 weeks but none of this happened to my friends and I want to know if any of you lovely woman are experiencing the same thing or did experience and have some answers for me.

Thank you :)

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Hi - you don't say what the situation is with your endo so it's not clear if these symptoms have just started after the mirena was fitted. If you have been in constant pain ever since it went in then I should say it should come out because something is clearly wrong. It could have become embedded in your endometrium or you could have adenomyosis. Can you click my name and look at my posts to see what you identify with in terms of symptoms and to assess if your endo is being treated as it should. x


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