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Hello hello :), I had my lap in November and tomorrow I am FINALLY having my follow up appointment with the consultant who performed my lap. I'm not really sure what to expect from this! When he spoke to me after the lap I was pretty spaces out with the anaesthetic so can't remember what he said! Are there any particular questions I should be asking? I'm feeling a bit bewildered!

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Was the lap an exploratory procedure for diagnosis?



Hi! Yeah it was, and it was endo he found but that's all I know ha! Xx


I had my exploratory lap last year. It was much the same, the doctor came and spoke to me soon after the procedure when I was not 'all there'. I was told that they'd found endo and I was to start zoladex implants. Due to being out of it I was in no state to think of asking any questions.

I was told to see my gp for the implants. I put off the implants for a month or so as was very worried. The gp told me that if I wanted to carry on seeing the gyny I'd need to follow protocol as if I refused the implants they'd not see me again and I'd have to be transferred to another hospital.

I was not seen by the gyny for another 3 months after the course of injections.

I now realise I should have pushed to find out what stage and where the endo is.

It is good that you have an appointment with the gyny before moving on to treatment. Make sure they discuss all options. If they're not clear about something make them explain again. They can be so flippant and expect you to know what they mean by their jargon.

Take a list of questions, doesn't matter how insignificant.

Best of luck xox


Thank you so much! I have so many questions I want to ask so I'll make sure I ask them all and understand the answers! Thanks again :) x


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