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This is my first post here....I hope I put it in the right place!

To cut a long story short, I'm 22 and been seeing my GP on and off about heavy, painful periods and pain during the rest of cycle since age 14 but they've been reluctant to do anything until now when they finally referred me for abdo and trans vaginal scans which I had 2 weeks ago.

During my scans the sonographer told me there were "no obvious problems" but that she would like to scan me again in 6 weeks to see a different phase of my cycle. She also told me to make appointment with GP to discuss the findings of the scan.

I had that appointment today. It seems the sonographer was not telling me everything when she said "no obvious problems". The GP printed me the scan report and went through it with me. First issue is partial bicornuate uterus (a seperate issue to endometriosis, I know) however he and I were both surprised the sonographer said nothing about this.

The other issue is that at the fundus of my uterus, the endometrium measured 21.7mm. I wondered about this during the scan, as she read this measurement out to the person inputing the numbers on the computer and he queried it, sounding surprised. She agreed 21.7mm then said she would check again. She checked again, then confirmed 21.7mm. Now my GP said he is not an expert on gynaecology however he knows that this is extremely thick. The endometrium appears average thickness except at the fundus where it thickens to 21.7mm. Of course, I have now done some googling and become aware of just how thick 21.7mm really is and am now pretty worried because everything on google points to cancer, but this all seems to be in menopausal or post-menopausal women, not 22 year olds!

My GP says that based on the information about my periods and this patch of thickness, he would give a provisional diagnosis of endometriosis however has referred me to gynaecology and says he expects I will have a laporotomy as this is really the only way to diagnose.

My understanding of endometriosis is that it causes patches of endometrium to grow outside of the uterus, but am I right in thinking that it also causes thicker than average endometrium inside the uterus? My question is, if so, how thick? I'm feeling really stressed now because the sonographer said nothing to me about this 21.7mm thick endometrium around my fundus and my next scan won't be for 4 weeks still, and 6-8 weeks for a gynaecology appointment, but the GP says 21.7mm really is very thick. I'm just worried about whether that's endometriosis related or something else?! Anyone else had such thick endometrium that is as a result of endometriosis?!

Thanks, sorry for such a long post.

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Hello Squish1,

Sorry I cannot really speak from experience when it comes to your question but I can say that if the doctor was worried that it may be cancer you would have been rushed through the system and be seeing a qyne a lot quicker. I know it's not much but try and keep telling yourself that.

Hopefully someone else will come along and be able to answer your question and put your mind at rest properly. I just noticed no one had replied to you and didn't want you sitting there stressing even more.

Victoria Xx


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