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Endo and infertility - media request

Good afternoon everyone,

We have received a sensitive media request, copied below.

"I am getting in touch to see if you have any case studies who would be interested in being interviewed for the national newspapers about endometriosis, how it has affected their lives and how they have overcome it.

From some quick research I have seen that a lot of women are told that they may not have children as a result of the condition, which is quite honestly upsetting.

I have also seen that, fortunately, a lot of women manage to overcome the odds and have children despite endo.

I was hoping to speak to a couple of these women if possible about how they were told by doctors they wouldn't have children, and end up having their own little family.

Ideally I would be looking for somebody under the age of 35 but, despite being based in the Midlands, anywhere in the UK."

If this sums up your experience and you would be willing to talk about it, please email communications@endometriosis-uk.org.

All the best,

Endo UK


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