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I had an op not long ago to see if I had Endo and there was no sign of it at all but wen I had the key hole they didn't sterilise the probe they put in my womb which caused an infection.... I'm now on my second period after and I just can't stop bleeding iv bled for 9 days now and I'm really drained from it an belly aches unreal!! Seen my gyno but they just don't seemed bothered 😣 any advice would be great

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Hi Lou-23

Sorry to hear you're not doing so well :(

I just have a couple of questions if you don't mind..?

- Was your surgery performed by a gynaecologist, or an endo specialist?

- How do you know that the probe wasn't sterile?

- Why did they put the probe in your womb?

- I assume you are not on any BC?

- What is their next plan of action for you?

Regarding your bleeding, if you are worried I would be seeking a second opinion. Make an appointment with your GP, and if they can't help, or are not willing, ask for a referral to someone else.

It's your body, you know it better than anyone.

If no-one wants to listen - make them!!!

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