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Crippling leg pain

I've been diagnosed a year ago with endo & have suffered from left sided abdo pain!! I had the mirena coil inserted about 8 weeks ago the first 3 weeks the abdo pain was horrendous but has since settled!! I've actually been coping really well with my endo & all my symptoms but over the last week I've had crippling leg pain!! I don't know if it's endo related, shoe related or work related!! I'm on my feet for 13hour shifts but when I get home my toes feel numb & painful & a small area in the back of my thigh hurts!! It throbs for hours & even the next day I can feel it if I do two long days in a row I can barely walk by the end of a shift!!! Does anyone else have similar problems with leg pain?

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Hi cat

I too get chronic leg pain I can not even walk down my street and back without my legs killing. The pain keeps me awake at night and then get restless legs as I can not relax. I do have chronic pain in pelvic and lower back pain, I'm not sure if it's stemming from the endo, then that's effecting my back which is then effecting my legs I'm just not sure. I too have had the coil in for nearly a year the pain as not changed one bit the only things it changed for me is I'm not flooding and having the huge clots sorry for tmi. I've tried to exercise to strengthen my legs but it hurts to much and I get so tired so easy. Bless you with 13 hour shifts on your feet I would cry. I get sciatic pain from my buttock down my leg , numbness my toes and feet kill I don't know if it is endo or I've got something else but you are not on your own. I wish I could help more xx

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Hi hun.

I am sorry to hear about your pain.

I was just wondering if there was any chance you could have had endometriosis in the pouch of douglas?, I have pain on the left hand side in my pelvis,back and radiates down my left leg.

It is classed as a specialist area and would need removing with a endometriosis specialist and sometimes a bowel surgeon?

I just thought I could possibly be this?

Jo xx


I'm not too sure no one has ever told me that it could be in the pouch of Douglas!! I know when I had my laparoscopy to diagnose they treated me for some old powderburn areas & removed some filmy adhesions from my bowel!! They leg pain has never been a massive issue until recently!! I'll bring it up at my next gynae appointment it could be worth looking into!! Thanks


Yes would be worth asking if you found any in that area.

Alot of consultants won't even look in that area because unless they were a endo specialist it would be to difficult for them to remove.

The symptoms you are describing sound very much like having Endo in the pouch of douglas which is between the back of the uterus and the rectum, mine give me alot of pain but I also have adenomyosis which can also cause these symptoms

I hope you get it sorted soon hun



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