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Missed period

Hi everyone, just looking for a little advice as my body is playing tricks on me and I'm not sure what it could mean. In 15 years I have never had a late period- not even by one day. I have always gone straight back to my normal cycle after ops/ treatment. This month I am 4 days late- not a huge amount I know but it's really playing on my mind. We have been ttc for a while (with last gap and op in feb) and I really though this was our month. 4 bfns later and I know I'm defiantly not pregnant! What would you do? Should I be going to my doc or just letting it go? I haven't been any more stressed than usual and haven't lost/ put on a huge amount of weight either. Confused!! thanks xx

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I've been the same. As regular as clockwork and then as soon as we start to TTC my cycles are all over the place!

It seems there's no real reason why. Just my body playing tricks (as if it doesn't cause me enough hassle with gynae issues)!

Best of luck to you.


Hi discobec, thanks for the reply! Nice to know I'm not alone in this and I feel guilty moaning as I know I'm lucky to normally have regular cycles. My body finally answered my q and period came just now. In agony as standard but atleast I'm not sat here thinking what if. I'm wondering if I had a chemical pregnancy as I got two positives earlier in the week but I really don't know anything about it.

I'm really sorry you're experiencing the same and hope things work out for you. On to ivf for us!


Bless you. I just had a diagnostic laparoscopy and hysteroscopy so I'm waiting now for a referral to a specialist endo clinic for excision surgery. On the Decapeptyl injection at the min so pregnancy is a no go for a while. After surgery I suppose it'll be TTC naturally or IVF for us too.

Everything just seems to take so long and is so unpredictable!

Here if you need an ear to bend!

Rebecca x


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