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12 Weeks later!

Hi Ladies,

I hope someone can help put my mind at rest...

I had my first laparascopy early March this year, was diagnosed with endo (removed endometriomas and patches of endo from right ovary, right side of peroniteal wall and pouch of Douglas).

After the op I had bleeding on and off, my actual period was delayed and came around 2 weeks later than normal. Since the lap, my periods and the pain have been different, the bleeding is heavier but only really happens when I go for a wee?

My last period finished two weeks ago and the last few days been having pain in my lower abdomen, lower back pain (all symptoms) and light pink bleeding to bright red. Not constant just sometimes when I wee.

It will be 12 weeks on Monday since the op, how long does it take for the cycle / period to settle down after the op? However, not sure if this is all out of sync due to the op or down to endo itself.

I feel so tired and in pain again at the mo, recovery has been slow as I only went back to work a few weeks ago. The last few days I have been panicking and stressing since this started which probably isn't helping, as I am starting to panic about what is going on again.

If anyone can share their thoughts or experiences with me, I would really appreciate it.


L 🌟

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Hi. I had my lap four weeks ago and I've had such a whirlwind of emotions and such a huge range of aches, pains and feelings that I thought it was actually a lot longer than 4 weeks! Sorry if TMI but Hey ho, I had one heavy longer period with clots and all sorts. I've also had quite strong pains in pelvic area, terribly aching back and bit more than spotting all during my ovulation week as well. It actually felt like I was going to come on full again. is this your ovulation time as well maybe? Might explain the extra returning symptoms mid cycle.

Sorry I can't be of any help with news of how long it take to return to normal (whatever normal is!?) but hopefully hearing that someone else is feeling the same symptoms and lows n highs will help you in some small way :-)

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Thanks Twistedwillow, yes it does help 😊 I know exactly what you mean about the emotions, mine have been a real rollercoaster of a ride!!

I think this is my ovulation time but what worries me is that I keep thinking (since / while this is going on) is does this mean the endometriomas are starting to come back and all the patches of endometriosis? I guess no one can tell me at this stage, I just get so scared that I will end up in the state I was before the op... I just wish the medical profession could get to grips with Endometriosis and find a cure once and for all, for all of our sakes!

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