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Pregnant and pouch of Douglas pain

Hi everyone

Has anyone had pain from endo in pouch of Douglas and pregnant. I'm currently six weeks. Even before I was pregnant I was getting pain in my left handside which radiates down my leg. Since being pregnant it's gotten worse. Especially in the evening.

Any experience of his and tips on managing it. Thanks in advance x

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Do you have endometriosis? If so endometriosis doesn't stop growing until 3 months into pregnancy - it takes hormones that long to work out what's going on. I can never tell because I get pelvic pain and endo forum emails in the same message sorry!

If it feels at all one sided or you're getting any blood go to your GP incase it's an ectopic pregnancy. Its highly unlikely but worth asking if the symptoms present.

For the pain, as you are pregnant just a heat pad on your back I'm afraid. They do help better than most pain killers anyway :)

Congratulations on your pregnancy! X


Sorry I should have said yes I have endo. Three laps later it's happened us. Thank your response. I've had this pain in my left hand side for months, even before I was pregnant just seems to be worse since being pregnant. I've got a an early scan Tuesday to double check it's not eptopic. Had bloods etc and all looks ok. I also ovulated from my non broken side (my tubes on the left are broken) and lining of the womb all thickened and as it should be. I'm glad I know about endo up until three months. Helps to put my mind at rest. X


They don't tell you that - they tell you you're pregnant so you're cured! Makes you think you're nuts!! Good for you getting the scan organised. Seeing them safe in your womb is the best feeling ever! It does hurt and when you womb grows if you have adhesions close by that hurts too. And if the baby kicks your adhesions, that hurts. Its all fine. Baby grows big and healthy and safe no matter how much pain you're in- it's the one place endo is supposed to be :)

Currently 34 weeks with baby number 2 and it's so much better this time!! Definitely recommend breastfeeding in between. And don't have a c section unless you must!! Wishing you all the best in your pregnancy :) Xxx


Not long to go for u then Hun! Comgratulations. Ha ha oh yes the " endo will be cured by pregnancy" line! I know this is tosh as my mum had it and pregnancy didn't do anything for her. My doctors have been pretty good about getting scan all sorted early. Helping to put my mind at rest a bit too. Thank you for the heads up xxxxxx


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