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Sever stomach pain - urgent help needed :-(

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Hi guys!

Have been in and out of hospital Since August last year with severe belly pain, was admitted for 12 days at my longest stay! After keeping telling me nothing was wrong my dad kicked off that much that they gave me a laparoscopy to rule out endometriosis. They found an ovarian cyst which was twisted, torsion I think they call it!?

Anyway that was sorted in January.. Tonight I am up with severe belly pain again, my stomach is bloated and so so tender and sore.

I don't want to go into a&e for them to tell me nothing's wrong I know something isn't right. I can hardly move, I have taken cocodamol which hasn't heled at all!

Please help ladies shall I call NHS 111 for them to send me out of hours and then get sent to a&e..

I realise how silly this sounds :-(

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You need to call 111 for out of hours I wouldnt waist time on here this is for support not medical advice.

I hope some one can help you get to the bottom of this

Aww I really feel for you. I am sick of people making me feel small and that nothing is wrong with me. Iv had it for years before anyone would help and even at that they are still trying to say it's all unrelated (I know my body and I know it is).

Just like you clearly know your own body and if you can tell something is up.

Call your doctor and Be very matter of fact about what you know is wrong.

Get well soon!!! X

Please let us know how you are x

U need to go to a specialist in Endo not a general hospital where they are not experienced enough. Unfortunately years ago this happened to me and was sent home after a lap and the pain continued. Good luck.

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zanyv in reply to Emmaendo

Have you been to a specialist in endo? And how was your experience? Where would You recommend? Btw from UK

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