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Mini pill to use?

Hello, I was diagnosed with stage 4 endo last year and after a big old operation to clear it and separate my bowl from my womb etc and good old fate I managed to get pregnant! 4 years and a lot of trying!!

I had my little chunky bundle this March and I am now terrified of the endo coming back the thought of it just makes me panic to be honest especially with a baby to look after.

My Dr tried to put me on the mini pill Cerelle but I have seen really bad reviews for it and the side effects are severe period pains.

Are there any recommendations out there on a pill I can use that helps endo ? Or at least doesn't add to the endo with its side effects ?

I am breast feeding right now so it does have to be one I can use whilst breast feeding.

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So lovely to hear you manage to fall pregnant I am hoping to after my lap in June. How long did it take you x



Try and remain positive I know that is easy to say but I know 3 women in my NCT class with endo all at different stages and another lady at work who just had twins!

I think it happened for us when we started to relax as we knew we had more options. Hmmm ... Well we were trying for a long long time about 3 years and I has not gone to anyone or had my endo diagnosed during this time then all of a sudden my endo stepped up a notch and I needed to see someone so I went to see a great consultant here in Cambridge who is also on the iVF board and he basically said I needed the operation. After the op they said it was no surprise I was in pain and that I had not got pregnant due to the stage 4 endo I had. They literally had to seperate my organs and I only have one fully working overt due to a huge cyst I had when I was 21 it left a lot of scar tissue when it ruptured. One overy working is fairly common though.

He said from clearing the endo out there was a time limit of about 3-6 months to get pregnant. Anyway I got to 2 months and my endo came back again u was heart broken because of what I had read and even an operation didn't work.

He then suggested starting me on the hormone injections and then after finishing that course go onto IVF so we had to start that process as well as still trying naturally. I had a week away in Malta and lost weight felt great after this week and then went in to get my blood checked for my first hormone injection and I was pregnant ! Never been so happy in my life! My consultant actually skipped around his office for me ha ha

I had to keep it to myself for a week until my husband got back into the country. He had bad cell signal and I didn't want to tell him via bad signal so I squrimed for about a week.

Since being pregnant i have had no issues it has been the most comfortable 9 months

ever, hence the fear of them coming back.

I would really suggest getting to a consultant! And talking through an op and perhaps just going at it like rabbits in that time period. Just relax if that does not work the hormones are avaliable and then IVF so you still have options.

Hopefully this will make you feel more positive about it? X I wish Gps were more clued up on Endo as I perhaps would not have got to that state if it was caught earlier that seems to be the most common issue with women with endo trying for a baby.


Just to be clear I didn't start the IVF process I started the applications for IVF. Apologies for my bad grammar and spelling in my post above as well!


Oh wow! I've just read your post and it gives me so much hope. I have my big op on Tuesday and am desperate for it to make the difference. Don't know what the fates have in store for me, Dr says might be able to try naturally but I'm 38, so we'll see.

I've been taking visanne, its a progesterone tablet, no periods, quite new. I felt a bit sick at first and have put on some weight but no periods, no breakthrough and no migraines. Might be worth asking. Before that I was tri-cycling yasmin for a long time.

Best wishes and enjoy your baby and try not to worry xx


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