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Is it endometriosis

I am currently awaiting a pelvic ultrasound following a clear pelvic X-ray. My GP thinks I may have endimetriosis... My symptoms include...

Constant pain around my tail bone, like a very dull ache. I was initially misdiagnosed as having coccydynia as this was the only place I could generally think to pinpoint my pain. I'm now 7 months down the line with this constant pain that feels like period pain. The pain also often comes around my perineum area and my groin, again this is at different times and it feels as so tender and as if it is bruised.

I have a numb bum, again this isn't all the time. I feel like I get general ligament pain/ muscle pain very deep into my bottom/ groin.

I get terrible pain right into my hip joints, waking up in the night with cramp in my hips.

During the first couple of months I noticed that the pain did appear to improve at different times during my cycle which led me to believe it was related in some way.

I offer get pains down my legs, worse at some times than others.

I have always had fairly long cycles, some times 28/29 days but more often 34/38 days. Periods are sometimes painful but never particularly excruciating or heavy like some people experience.

I tend to have 1/2 days of brown discharge prior to my period although this does not always happen.

I was just wondering if anyone else experienced symptoms similar to these?

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Hi Gemspark,

I am sorry to hear that you are experiencing such pain. Some of the symptoms that you have described are the same as endometriosis, however, they could also be the result of something else. A pelvic x-ray would not show any endometriosis, it is more than likely being done to rule out any other conditions. Diagnosis of endometriosis is usually through a diagnostic laparoscopy. There are many symptoms that are common with endometriosis the most common being pelvic pain, heavy periods, bloating, painful sex, to name just a few. The amount of pain and the type/area of pain will differ from woman to woman. One of the complex things about this condition is that you can have stage 1 and present many symptoms and be in a lot of pain or you could have very little pain and hardly any symptoms but be stage 4. I do hope you get some answers soon so that you can be treated for whatever is causing your pain.

If you are diagnosed with endometriosis then have a look on Endometriosis UKs website for a support group in your area. If you do not have one in your area then there is always the helpline and on-line support groups offered by the charity. You do not have to suffer alone.




have all the same symtoms as you. I went for my ultra sound and had the vaginal one as well. I have a mass growing on my incisiol scar from c section 3 1/2 years ago the can not confirm it's endo until they remove it, but was told I have endo in several places in my womb and a fibroid which he said went had in hand with endo. I've just got to say when he told me I just broke down there and then!! Total relief I was so happy there was something wrong with me( madness) but since I was a young teenager they have made me feel like a drama queen like I was going crazy so I just sucked it up for most of my life.

I'm so happy you have a docter that has listened to you!! Because that is the first battle over!!

I'm going in to have the mass removed and have lap done on the first of June so I will know more then ( be aware they might not find it on ultra sound but that does not mean it's not there ) mine was picked up but reading these posts and research tells me it's quite rare and it may be because mine are chocolate cysts I'm not sure.

Much love and understanding to you and I hope you get your answers because once you know what it is your fighting !! Then you can research the death out of it (knowledge is power ) I know the docters can do there bit but if I want any sort of quality of life for myself I have to make some big changes xx



I have all these symptoms too although my brown / red spitting lasted for 2 weeks between my period this month then turned into a really heavy period.

I have near constant pain in My left hip and pains in stomach groin and lower back. I have ultrasound on 10th June and terrified.

My family think the pain is in my head as I worry about everything.

Hope you get sorted soon xx


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