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Lap & novasure over. Numb about results & future

i had my 2nd lap on Friday. Was under for 3 hours as they found widespread endo & excised it from the safe areas. Unfortunately they didn't get it all as there wasn't enough time & it was in areas they said was unsafe to treat including my kidney. The top of my Fallopian tube was removed. They also performed novasure which was successful.

I was out of it Friday with the anaesthetic but surprisingly No real pain as such just very very tender & emotional 😭. I haven't needed any pain relief just lots of rest & tlc.

I have a Follow up in 3 months. I'm feeling terribly numb after hearing the results. Trying to concentrate on the positives but not sure what the future will hold.


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That is a lot to go through in one operation. I suspect the surgeons will want to see how you are when you have your follow up. If you are getting pain from the remaining endometriosis, they may suggest a further laparoscopy, to remove what was left behind. I would be guided by your surgeon.

I wish you well, Love AS x


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