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Diagnosis in child?

After a long struggle my daughter was diagnosed with pulmonary endometriosis. Recently my grandaughter has started showing similair signs as she origionaly was, spitting blood form her mouth and blood in her stool, shes only 2 and doctor are saying its not related but they aren't saying what it could be, shes just constantly in and out of hospital but nothing ever comes of it. Has anyone got any experiance of a child this age being diagnosed or can give me any advice on what to do. I've pretty much lost faith in her own doctor .

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Hi there, so sorry to hear about your daughter's pulmonary endo :-( sounds very hard. Personally I haven't heard stories of young children like this being diagnosed with endo but as it is still not known what causes endo (although there was research that showed endometriosis in female foetuses - see ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/216... )

, we are a bit in the dark. Pulmonary endo is extremely rare - even very experienced endometriosis specialists may see only 1 case in their whole career apparently. Has your daughter spoken to her own consultant about her own daughter?

I am so sorry about your granddaughter - I do hope they can get to the bottom of her problems soon. It must be so upsetting.

Take care x


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