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Bleeding under the skin

Does anyone know about endo under the subcutaneous layer on the stomach please? I am having a bad week at the moment while I am still awaiting for my operation to remove severe endo which is also on my bladder and bowel although to what extant is not known yet. I am in a lot of pain even though I am having the decapeptyl injections and I am struggling to wee. On Thursday I went to the toilet and two hours later I went again but noticed some purpley, reddish blotching/spots covering the area the size of a palm. It is also around the area where a lot of my pain is centred on my stomach. I wasn't able to go to the doctors but did manage to have a phone consultation and the doctor said it sounds like it is just the endo under the subcutaneous tissue. I am slightly worried as this sounds not right to me but have no idea so where better to ask than the wealth of experience on here? Please can anyone help shed some light on this for me?

Thanks in advance



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