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Inflammatory changes

Hi all,

I had my second lap to remove my endo in March and I recently had a letter from my consultant. He had had my biopsies back and confirmed endo in even more places than originally said including inside my right ovary. Is this common? I may sound stupid but I had only heard surrounding the ovary? It was stuck down also.

He also said there was evidence to endo under my left ovary and also inflammatory chances to the ovary. Does anyone know what that means? Would it just be caused by endo?

Faye xx

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I had endometriosis inside both ovaries. It was extracted during my op and I was told that my ovaries will recover. I was given Prostap to allow my system chance to rest. X


Hi - endo inside the ovary is how an endometrioma starts (chocolate cyst) so presumably it's a very early endometrioma. As inflammation is associated with endo it looks like both are being affected but it's in its infancy so should be monitored with periodic scans. Click on my name and have a look at my posts. You may want to consider referral to an endo centre.


Thank you for clarifying that for me Lindle. My hospital has an endo centre that I am part of and my consultant is a specialist so I'm in good hands. I was just being impatient whilst waiting for my follow up appointment to find out more. Thank you again.


That all sounds good x


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