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So I have Been for my geauny appointment. Yet another doctor. Did internals yet again! I said that all the others have said the 99.9% it's endo. 

Yet this one was like we'll I think all looks normal. I won't do a lacopsy unless I feel I need to.. so after making me out to be a drama queen (Because I'm emotional atm and just feel everything's going in circles) and he thinks it could be non geauny related says I'm booking you in for a lacopsy.. bit confused! As he contradicted himself after having me in tears! 

Did anyone else's go like that? Or could they tell before the lacopsy. 

He said why do you think it's geauny related. I said because I no my body. Witch shut him up! 

So just got to wait for appointment

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endo can only be 100% diagnosed by a lap, so its good that you know you will be having one soon.

keep us updated



Mine went like that. It was heading to 'no laparoscopy/shove hormones at you (he was pushing Mirena or injection)' outcome, and then he suddenly did a complete 180 by the end and said: 'I'm putting you on the list for a laparoscopy'.

He told me they likely wouldn't find anything, which was unsettling. I had an endo specialist for the actual op and he found plenty... Including ovary stuck to pelvic wall and endo by my bladder (all of which I'd basically described to them via my symptoms!).


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