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Sickness and no energy

Is this what others experience.

I forget how crap it makes me feel.

It's the 14th day of my cycle - which means - sitting on sofa feeling like crap, no energy, sick feeling neasua, headache and down.

It feels like a parasite is in me - everyday another symptom hits me according to my cycle - each day of the month is different - Migraines, sickness, dhiorreah, constipation, fatigue, frequent urination, oh and of course period pains before and during period.

How am I supposed to go on and keep going

Have to get back to work ASAP - been off for nearly 4 months.

Can't take any medicine or have anymore surgery cause I'm nearly 39 and I need to try for a baby - ivf is the only way now - and hopefully these symptoms will lessen or I can then take medicines or have more operations.

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Hey Hun, I saw this and just wanted to reply to say you're not alone in those feelings. This month was my fourth period since my surgery and I've been hit full throttle with nausea. It's a totally new period symptom to me, along with the pain and tiredness and migraine stlyle headaches (feels like someone is hammering my head from the inside) I feel like a wreck.

Topped with the emotional roller coaster I appear to be on, it's not the greatest quality of life eh?

I'm one of those people who likes to show others that I cope - so I go to work (luckily just 4 and a half hours a day) then I come home and become a taxi service to my miracle 7 year old son, then I'm the cook, the cleaner, the clothes washer - before crumpling in a heap on the sofa ready to do it all the next day.

I too am trying for a baby with my new husband....so far no joy and am uncertain of the trauma of going through IVF - I know I'm one of the lucky ones having already got a little boŷ, but doesn't make it any less upsetting in my head.

Just wanted you to know you are not alone x


Ah thanks Hun.

Yes people say - your so lucky you have an option of ivf - I feel like saying - shut it you didn't have too! :-) they mean well but it's so emotionally draining - think feeling a failure - even though it's not my fault - is the biggest thing.

I go back to work Monday after 4 months off sick for two operations and recovery. I know I'll get on with everything I have to do but I don't want to get back onto the usual refuting of over doing it and then collapsing when I get home. Want some quality of personal life too.

Thanks Hun xx


That's been something I've been saying to my husband a lot recently - I deserve some quality of life. It's hard not to get caught up in feeling sorry for myself, I don't think anyone who isn't on the endometriosis ride, can ever know what it really feels like. So it's hard to extract empathy from people 😟

Good luck with the return to work, I had three weeks off last December when the symptoms got the better of me, then another three weeks off after my lap in feb because my 35 year old body took a lot longer to recover than I thought. My boss is lovely though, really understanding and she knows when I'm about to get my period as she recognises the vacant look that appears on my face 😉

I also wish you all the luck in the world for your IVF xx


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