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The waiting Game!

Hi Everyone

I am now awaiting my endo clean up operation, my pre-op op booked for next week and awaiting the op date.

After months of waiting, and now 4 weeks of being on even though I am taking the pill I am fed up, depressed and starting counselling next week.

My libido is so dead, and i even get anxious when my husband goes for a playful grope. God knows how he is so patient!

I can never get enough sleep......!!

I changed my diet to gluten free which really helped with the bloating and bowel pains but just feeling exasperated by all of it.

Does anyone know at what stage I can stop my pill? before or after surgery? (we are looking to try and conceive after the op & the pill makes me depressed)


Anna x

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Hey can't answer the question on the pill but just wanted to say I had my pre-op on 29th April got home and my operation appointment letter had arrived, I go in tomorrow for my lap and novasure. So hopefully yours wont be too far away.

I also went for counselling (3 months). It was one of the best things I have ever done. Helped me so much. I changed my diet 9 months ago cut wheat, soya etc and would never go back.

I lost my libido too it was awful and my partner suffered too. But remember your husband loves you and you will get through this.

You are doing so much to help yourself, keep strong.



Hi Dabba76,

Thank you so much for your message.

Its such a great help to hear that someone else recognises how hard this is and how many aspects of your life it effects.

I will probably as at my pre-op about the pill.

I hope your procedure goes as well as it can, let me know how it goes if you like.

Hugs xx


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