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Bleeding blood clots and a day in a hospital bed :(

Title says it all really. Posted the other day about heavy bleeding. Woke up yesterday with blood clots the size of golf balls just falling from me sorry if tmi. Went straight to the hospital and was straight in gyne had a scan and a internal and now been put on tranexamic acid. I feel so down and depressed I feel like endometriosis is taking over my life. I literally sat crying all morning. I am now finally home. But feel crappy and down. Not sure what I want to gain from this post. But need to air it x

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Oh bless you, sounds horrible. At least you're now home. Think we're allowed to feel like you do as the endo can seem like it's taking over.

Take care :) xxx


I think it gets to the point where one thing is like the last straw and all the emotions you've held in come spilling out. It can be very overwhelming. Are you able to do something relaxing like colouring in an adult colouring book or knitting/crochet or some form of crafting? If you can find something you enjoy doing that's relaxing it might help take your mind off how crap this situation is.

Hope today finds you feeling a bit better.


Hi Abbie, you're not alone with this. I'm exactly the same and when it's really bad and you can literally "feel them coming", it takes over every day life. You can't go out too far, standing up starts and internal Avalanche and the pain that comes with it gets so frustrating all emotions suddenly pour out like a mad woman who's lost the plot. I've tried the drug they've put you on but didn't work for me, but the hormone replacement injections are a god send. No bleeding, no pain, no clots. Begins with a Z... Mind has gone blank sorry. Sending a hug, hope you feel better soon x


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