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Hello ladies

I need some advice please. Could anyone recommend a solicitor's or medical compensation company that is a legitimate organisation? I am not doing this lightly at all and this is only because I am years down the line from the start of this whole process and I am still waiting for an operation. This is me at the end of my wits and it was a GP who put the idea to me when they saw a letter from a department at the hospital with 4 different names and my age wrong by ten years younger than my actual age.

There have been a catalogue of errors and it is sad to say from the other posts I keep seeing on here I am just one of a very large number of people going through this.

Any help would be appreciated.

Many thanks


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Hi Sarey - you will find them all on the Internet and one of the biggest is currently running an ad on TV. In 2009 I spend 3 solid months writing up my case (literally every minute of every day) as I was going through a very acrimonious divorce brought against me by my ex for ruining his life with endometriosis and his lawyers wanted a medical negligence settlement as part of the divorce settlement. I went into the greatest depth and wrote up my case in meticulous detail as I was caused a massive aggressive ruptured endometrioma after a hysterectomy/BSO and being given mid cycle levels of oestrogen therapy for 5 years (averaging 1500 pmol/l) which made me desperately ill and resulted in stage 4 everywhere. There is simply no way this could have grown without having been given these redicuolous levels of oestrogen. I send my substantial case report to about a dozen medical negligence solicitors. But they didn't want to know. The general view was that I definitely had a case for negligence but in order to sue for compensataion there has to be proven 'causation' beyond reasonable doubt. In other words you have to be able to prove that a medical professional/professionals have directly caused you physical harm that has impacted on your life in ways that are calculated in monetary terms. Even in these circumstances they concluded that it couldn't be proven in my case when it was so obvious. The problem is of course that they have to call on a medical professional to make the decision and we know that medical professionals know next to nothing about endo.

The only way we can make a difference is to consolidate as many cases as possible where there has clearly been damage done due to inappropriate treatment, failure to apply recommended protocol etc and get them all together and face the medical negligence solicitors with an en masse approach and challenge them to do nothing. Then it could lead to publicity. But individual cases are unlikely to have any effect. I am keeping a record of all cases I come across that I think would potentially be a claim case and will be asking women if they are prepared to give me their contact details in confidence with a view to pursuing this.

If your issue is failure to be treated properly I assume you have already gone through the formal complaints procedures with the NHS?

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Hi again - if you have been wanting an op for years can you give us your history that has lead to this as it may be your GP hasn't been doing the best for you either. What matters now is getting you to proper care and you can think about whether you have any grounds for a claim when you know your what you have and whether it has been worsened by the wait. You are and have always been entitled to a second opinion which sounds like the appropriate course right now.


Thank you for your help and advice. You are always very informative and supportive to us on here. Thank you and sorry to hear your sad history. I do hope you have understanding people around you now xx


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