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Hi I'm Kirsty

Hello everyone, I just posted my first post and thought I'd better introduce myself!

I'm kirsty, I've suffered with endometriosis for 18yrs, starting with a drastic emergency laparotomy to remove a large endometrial cyst and my ovary and Fallopian tube it was attached to. After that my endo was diagnosed properly rather than being treated for ibs!!

ive since had two laparoscopy for exercision and a further gynae ops to treat cervical ectropian (caused by endo treatment) and pre cancerous cells (unlucky coincidence)

I'm just about to have more surgery next week as it's gone rectovaginal and is causing me great discomfort.

I can't believe it's been so many years and haven't got involved in this forum. I look forward to hearing from you all.


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Hi Kirsty - please can you click on my username and read my post on pouch of douglas endo which is what you will have. Can I just check that your next surgery is in a specialist endo centre or the equivalent. x


Hi Lindle,

Yes it's at stepping hill with Mr George, my case has gone through the MDT and I have had pre op investigations, it has been decided that the bowel surgeon doesn't need to be there but will be to hand if needed.

In my other post I mention about stopping my OCP as I can't remember if I need to!?




Hi K - it won't make any difference. x


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