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Evening all.

So I had my first lap on Friday really wasn't as frightening as I thought.

Iam still very sore and tired and I keep having a sharp pain in the left hand side of my chest that makes me short of breath is this normal?

My specialist said he didn't find endo but said something about adeo something not sure what as I can just come round from a general and was rather out of it. Any ideas?

I have an appointment with him in a few weeks. Not sure how to feel as I don't feel I have an answer after all of this x

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I've seem other ladies on here mention adenomyosis. My understanding is it is similar to endo but occurs in the uterus. You can Google it for info.

I'm waiting for a lap for diagnosis at the mo so pleased to hear you are doing relatively well.

Afraid I don't have any other answers for you but wishing you a speedy recovery and a diagnosis that gives you answers and remedies



Hi - please click on my username to find a link to a support site for adenomyosis with lots of info x


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