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Don't give up

I was in two minds whether to write this post but I know I found other people's success stories a boost. I never thought I'd get to write my own. So I've had diagnosed Endo for ten years, four laps and zolodex injections. I had my last lap five months ago where they found stage three Endo, my right ovary was stuck to my stomach lining, various adhesions on my bowels and the none stuck tube wasn't filtering as it should when they did a dye test.

We've been trying to conceive 18 months and yesterday we got a positive test saying we are pregnant. Still not out of the woods yet as its early days. I have an emergency scan this morning because chances of eptopic are increased because of Endo. This silly illness ruining my fun already!

Anyway, even if this pregnancy doesn't work out for us, I wanted to share my story in the hope it might give someone in the same position a little bit of hope. I know I sure needed hope at times when things got tough.

Love to everyone xxx

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Congratulations, so happy for you :) I really wish you the best and hope the scan goes okay x


<3 may the angels keep the little soul snuggled in the home of your womb xxx


Thank you so much. I had my first set of bloods and def pregnant. I have my second lot today to make sure it's progressing as it should. Then they can calculate when they should be able to see it on the scan. Such a nervous waiting game to make sure it's in the right place. They confirmed I ovulated from my ovary on non blocked tube side so looking more positive x


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