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2nd lap results

Hi, I was diagnosed with severe endo while having trouble ttc 10 yrs ago, I had choc cysts on ovaries and endo in various parts which was treated and was lucky enough to have two lovely children. I have always suffered with pain tried the pill, mirena but started to notice a bad pain in both sides of lower back which got worse during my period. I had my second lap last week, she found endo on my left and scar tissue damage by my ovaries. She didn't mention the area where I get the pain and as I was on morphine I was a bit out of it I didn't ask. I'm still getting the pain which sometimes hurts when I pass urine, has anybody had a similar pain and found what it is and location it is hard as all I can say is it is lower back but sometimes one dude sometimes both? My follow up is 3 months where I can discuss further treatment she has suggested the pill in the meantime. Thank you


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