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hitting ya head on a brick wall

Hi all,

I am new to this group and wish I knew this existed years ago.

I was first diagnosed with this 8 years ago and have had numerous laps and laser treatment to get rid of the endometriosis however each time it has come back harder an stronger.

I am now getting to the point I feel like im hitting my head against a bick wall! just before my periods start I am one big bloated emotional mess and not forgetting the tiredness I feel. The pain as well is not just in my stomach (overaies) but also in my lower back and hips. My emotions are effected the worst one minute smiley the next I want to kill some one shortly followed by crying an emotional roller-coaster.

Then comes the period in which time all I want to do is sleep and EAT!! Working is hard and gets effected as I often have to pull sickys or pretend one of the children's child care have let me down as telling the boss I am to tired today just wont cut in.

I've literally come to the end of line an often feel alone as most people dont understand endometriosis and what it causes.

I am grateful enough to have had my kids early as have I of left it till later on in life chances are I would of never of had any. So my genealogist is now telling me there's nothing more he can do part from give me a hysterectomy ?! is there any other ops or solutions as im scared if I have to have the hysterectomy that the hurt you have to have afterwards will destroy me as me an hormones do not mix!! makes me emotionally mad and fat.

Any advice would be appreciate and so happy i found this forum as felt so alone before and only partially believed when explaining the symptoms to people unaware of this.

Lil Stressed Gem

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*hurt* hrt that was meant to be


Hi Gem

First can you click on my username and look at my first post on endo and the one on pouch of douglas endo. Can you describe your symptoms across your whole cycle and advise what was found and done at your laps, when they were and were they by general gynea/obstertricians. Can you private message me the name and hospital of the last one. Also how old are you?


HI Lindle,

I am 25 years Old an was diagnosed at 16. The doctor I have dealt with for many years has been at queen Elizabeth hospital Margate Kent. and his name is Mr M fauggria spelling on surname could differ. My last op was five years ago which was laser treatment an removal of three cysts all three was over the 2mm rule what ever that is. After this op I knew it was the last laser treatment they would give me. The first six months was great back to normal me! after that however the normal pains came back after sex etc but me being me ignored it as was fed up of hearing the same answers from doctors so tried dealing with it myself.

Until last year when after feeling that I had a metal breakdown decided I couldn't put up with it any more and went back to my doctor to be referred again. I also had a smear which come back with ad normal cells could guess what it is! I have another appointment with the doctor above on the 19th of may to discuss going ahead with a hysterectomy which I don't want as feel the doctor is just doing this for an easy way out but understand there is not alot of treatment for endimetriosis.

In regards to my cycle the week before my period I become emotionally mad bloated and lots of adnomal pain and lower back pain also feel like i could sleep for years on end. when reaching my period I bleed heavy an painfully. What is strange I will always have a water infection and thrush on a period not to mention the yucky greasy hair and hair loss I have too my period will last on average two weeks. once this has finished i have the best week ever each month filled with energy not tired at all the odd cramp till but mostly this week is heaven for me im so on ball at work an family life its great but one week out of every month isit exactly great but im grateful for atleast that week.



Hi Gemma - besides the cysts where was the endo lasered from?


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