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Laparoscopy and icsi

Hi i had a 5 hour laparoscopy on 21st April where they removed a cyst off my ovary and cleared lots of endo (my 3rd lot of surgery) but im wondering if you think its safe to begin our icsi procedure, my af is due around 12th may so down reg would begin then. Im just wondering if you think my body is ready for it im very keen to begin but dont want to waste a chance at the same time im thinking if i waited until next month endo would possibly be a problem again. Any advice would be greatly appreciated ☺️

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Hi - you would have to ask the advice of the clinic but can I ask what your endo history is to have had 3 laps and be worrying it might be back so soon. Have you been treated in an endo centre? Please click on my username and look at my posts on endo.


Hi Lindle,

Thanks for your reply, your profile was of very interesting read. The reason i fear endo coming back is i had surgery in 2013 (2nd operation) but it brought no relief to me even though i had joint surgeons and was in surgery 5hrs they were unable to remove it all. I proceeded to have clomid for 6months but by the time i had my referral for ivf treatment i was doubled over in agony from another endometrioma my then consultant referred me to an endo specialist (i just looked on the list and realises he is not on there though 😕) this surgery was apparently successful meaning a large endometrioma was removed, ovaries made accessible for our ivf and endo removed (over 5hrs of surgery) he did however tell me there was lots on my bowel aNd in the future i would need a resection. We've waited so long for ivf i fear that my endo is aggressive. my fertility clinic doesnt seem to be collaborating with my consultant at all both know what the other is doing through me my worry is i do not understand the extent of work in the operation to inform my fertility clinic.


Hi Laura - if you have been told that you will need a bowel resection then you will have stage 4 pouch of douglas endo. I sense your instincts are telling you that you need to be concerned about it.

Please can you private message me the name of the specialist and hospital that did the last lap as an endo centre would have done the complete excision surgery that you needed. Did you have an MRI as that is the only way to be sure what is involved with your bowel? I don't know at the moment how qualified your specialist was but the problem with obstetricians (who probably did your lap) is that they are primarily concerned with putting the reproductive organs into a position that they think should physically allow a pregnanct whilst ignoring deeper endo elsewhere. Please can you private message me the gynaecologist's name and the hospital. And where you live.

It would be really useful if you could get a copy of the surgical report that will have been sent to your GP.

Then we can look at the best action. x


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