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20 days and counting until surgery

After nearly 6 months of waiting I'm only 20 days away from surgery and I'm a bit worried as to what to expect, I've had laporoscopies and a hysterectomy but this time it's for a anterior/posterior prolapse repair and sacrospinal vaginal suspension which is all from years of suffering with endo, 2 years ago I had to have a vaginal dissection to remove endo that had been sewn into it when they removed my cervix and now everything has fallen into the vagina and I've been struggling for the past year and a half with bladder and bowel issues. I'm in bed today because of the pain and how exhausted I am, just unsure of what to expect in the recovery process and the doctors are being quite vague about it!!

just want the next 3 weeks to hurry by so I can get it done!

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hi cmg, im sorry to hear you have been through so much, the only thing i can offer is a friend of mine had a vaginal suspension not long ago was off work 2 weeks and felt brilliant after.

i wish you well and a speedy recovery when you have had your op.

sending hugs



Thank you dk1136 for your reply, it's been a tough few years!! They've told me ill have to have 6 weeks off to make sure everything heals properly as im on my feet for up to ten hours a day and do a lot of heavy lifting and as everything is weak/thin down there!! They're also going to clean up anything else whilst they are in there!! I'm sure itll all be fine just want to feel better than I do now and not leak all the time :-( thanks again for your reply x


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