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Gonapeptyl treatment and going private? ☺

Hi everyone, I have been diagnosed today with endometriosis, I have a 10 cm endometrioma on my right ovary that is causing me pain. I have been given a Gonapeptyl injection to bring on the menopause. Has anyone else had this? Not sure what to expect with symptoms!

My lap has been booked for 9th july, which seems a long time to wait! Considering going private to have it moved forward as I'm getting married on the 25th July and emigrating to Thailand on the 4th august!

Anyone on here gone private? Is there any point?

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Hi - everyone's experience of these medications is different so you need to look at the side effects on the info you should have been given and make a personal judgement. Some will tell you it's the best thing they ever did and others will report horror stories. So really it's not appropriate for anyone to recommend them or not. Regarding private surgery, depending on the complexity of your endo you would be looking at anything between around 6 and 15K - the higher end if you needed complicated excision. What's important is that you are being seen by the right specialists as with a large endometrioma it is likely you will have endo elsewhere. I should say it's really important that you get this right as you might not have access to the treatment we do over here in Thailand.


Thanks so much for your reply. You're right, its more about the specialist than whether it's NHS or private. Its so much to take in my head is spinning! Feels amazing to be able to talk about it with people who know exactly how this all feels! I guess I'm just trying to take control of the situation by looking into going private... What a day!


Hi! I had a laparoscopy to drain two large endometriomas on 23rd April (2 weeks ago tomorrow) - I have stuck to doctors orders with a good mix of rest and getting out and about during recovery and am feeling well enough to go back to work on Monday . I was so worried about the op and how I would feel afterwards but it was so worth it as the pain on my right side is so much better now that they are gone. Hope that puts your mind at rest in terms of recovery from your op - good luck with the wedding planning and with your move (sounds amazing!!) 😊


Thanks! I was mega excited, now I'm worried about moving across the world with this condition!


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