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Hi I'm new to this site and im hoping to find some help I have had stupidly bad pain since I was 15 and been on all sorts of medication. I've had 3 laps the first one didn't find anything second found endometriosis and the third one found scar tissue. I've done all sorts to try and stop my pain. I was told by a doctor recently that I don't have endometriosis but my understanding is that it stays with you for a lifetime (at the moment) and she didn't really get what I was saying. I'm lost as my doctors are useless and the only one I trust is privately. How do I treat myself when I don't know what I've got?

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  • Hi - unfortunately a lot of people have endo missed at laparoscopy when done by a general gynae. The previous lap could have caused adhesions so theoretically it could have all been removed last time around. As endo is an immune system condition then the potential is always there for more to grow. Can you describe your symptoms across you whole cycle. Click on my username and have a look at my posts. x

  • Forgot also to check that this confirmation of no endo this time around was by biopsy? Not even the most specialised of surgeons can detect all endo with the naked eye. I suggest you get a copy of both the surgical and biopsy reports that were sent to your GP to see what they say. You are likely to have been seen by a general obstetrician and unfortunately this can often be the case when mild endo is missed. x

  • No she just said I don't have it she isn't do any tests or anything just looked at my records even though I was told previously that I do :/ my symptoms for the last 11 years are painful sex bleeding during or after painful pelvis pretty much everyday back pain leg pain nausea tiredness ibs headaches usually the pelvic pain is either burning all over or a stabbing pain on one side also on my lower back I haven't had regular periods in such a long time it's hard to tell when my cycle is x

  • I got my notes last year after some confusion and the second lap showed endo in the pouch of Douglas? But I wasn't told which stage think it was just mild but I want to be able to treat not do nothing x

  • Hi - can you just let me know exactly what the surgery report from that 2nd op says. We have to know exactly what was found and what was done. Also can you private message me the name(s) of the consultant(s) who did each of these laps and the hospital(s) and when they were done. We will get you to proper care x

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