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Laporoscopy and mirena coil

after having a second opinion, they have advised having a laparoscopy to check for Endo and adenomoysis and mirena coil put it. I am just wondering what everyones opinion of mirena coil is? My doctor has said if I am not having children in the next year as I dont have any children I should go ahead with the coil. I am just not sure about having it.


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Hi! I had my laparoscopy on 23rd April and I had the merina coil fitted as I am unable to take the contraceptive pill to manage my symptoms (due to migraines). My consultant said this is the next best thing for me as it will restrict the thickening of the womb lining and hopefully stop my periods all together after a few months. I came on my period last week it was still painful as always but the bleeding was no where near as heavy as usual. Hoping the next one will be even better. Apparently once the coil is removed fertility returns to normal almost straight away unlike other forms of contraception (such as the injection). I'm hoping to have a 'clear out' operation next year before trying to conceive so am planning to keep it in until then just to manage the symptoms - it can be kept in for up to five years though. Hope this helps - good luck with your op (it was nowhere near as bad as I thought it would be and im recovering really well) xx


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