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double dosing

hello ladies,

im having a bad week, lots of pain and my lets are lead weights, feel sick all the time, so ive tried to get a doctors appointment but couldn't, so the last 2 days ive taken double the amount of mst, I was told to take 20mg every 12 hours and ive been taking 40mg in the evenings, ive read up and the top dose is 200mg, so I think that's ok short term,

do you all think im doing the right thing, ill try to get a phone appointment from doc tomoz,

hope your all having a better week than me,

pissed off dosnt even get close to how im feeling, arrrrggggg

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Hi hun.

Sorry to hear you are having a bad week hun.

I think you will be ok to that until you can to the Dr's like you say you aren't exceeding your maximum dosage.

I'm having a bad day today my leg and pelvis is really hurting today been popping Tramadol all day feeling very woozy now.

Have you heard anymore about your appointment yet hun xx


no nothing yet, hope we have abetter day tomoz xx


Poor you. Could you ring the 111 NHS and ask their advice??

Hope you feel better soon.


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