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My name is Lindsey, and I am 43 years of age.

I was first finally diagnosed with endometriosis in 2010 after 15 years of being told it was IBS and Pelvic Inflammatory Disease amongst other diagnosis.

When i was finally given a laparoscopy it was found i had severe endometriosis which was attached to my uterus, bladder, bowel, pelvic wall but had also developed in the actual muscle tissue of my womb.

I had surgery to try and remove as much of the endomitrial tissue as possible and a marina coil inserted.

within 6 weeks my body was rejecting the coil and the only other alternative was a partial hysterectomy.

In January 2010 i had my hysterectomy. After my surgery until 6 months ago I had years of bliss. No tummy or back pain, no bloating, urine infections or bowel problems. Just bliss.

Then 6 months ago i started getting the same symptoms. I was admitted into hospital and told the condition had more than likely returned but as i had already had a hysterectomy doctors were limited surgically and decided to try me on HRT for 3 months to see if it helps.

In the meantime im still suffering pains, bladder and bowel irritation and fatigue. Im battling with wanting to return to work with the guilt of not feeling well enough to do so.

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Hi Lindsey,

I'm sorry that you are feeling so bad. We know, so well, the tell-tale signs, despite what the professionals might say.

I don't know if you are up for it, but please take a look at Dian Shepperson-Mills 6 part video in the Endo diet section (each vid is only 15 minutes long) She outlines the correlations between endo and diet, and how what we put into our bodies can worsen and feed the endo. I am now 50 and have been controlling my endo through diet for 23 years with no meds apart from the odd painkiller. I might just be lucky, but I am well aware of how it works for me, and how, if I slide off the wagon for too long, things change.

It might be worth trying, if you can get no joy from the usual methods of treatment. The good thing is that you can do this alongside the meds and it won't interefere.

You might already know this, so I apologise if its all 'old hat'.

I'm surprised that they have put you on HRT considering that it doses you with oestrogen, and endo loves oestrogen. But then I am way out of whack with conventional medicine since I hardly ever use it now, so I may be over-reacting. But it might be worth asking.

A naturopath, one that works with eastern and western medicine, might also be able to help.

I hope you get some joy. Wishing you pain-free, happy days.

Maud x


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