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Hey everyone I haven't yet had the proper diagnosis but had many scans and the doctor is more than certain it's endo I have my hospital app on weds which Im a little nervous about I've had pains since about 16 but over the last yr my pains have got alot worse which I've had to go to hospital with I've also found that when I do get pains or close to my period or ovulation my heart races constent for about a week and causes me bad anxiety/ panic attacks and emotion I feel like I'm going crazy does anyone else get this and tips on how to deal with it. Thankyou :)

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Hello! I do think either something to do with the Endo itself maybe the increasing inflammation levels? or my hormone levels during my cycle causes Anxiety flares too. Not as extreme as you are describing but still really noticeable though.

Hope your appt goes ok!


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