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Endo removed during lap but not endo? Help me.

Hi, I need to vent, I'm at my wits end. I've been pushed from one Dr to another, had countless visits to a&e, ultrasounds, ablation and 2 laps. The latest lap in March 15 the surgeon told me he had removed endo from my pelvic wall and some ligaments. I went to a&e yesterday as the pressure felt like everything was going to fall out of me, Dr told me the biopsy results of the removed endo wasn't actually endo? What the hell is going on? I'm in so much pain. I am 29 & have 2 children and have no intention of having anymore my husbands had a vasectomy too. I don't know what to do I feel like I'm not being listened to, I can't carry on the rest of my life in this pain. (Sorry it's been a long one) x

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Hi Vikki,

You totally have my sympathy. Can you get a report of the actual biopsy result?

Lisa x


I had it read yesterday, it was muscular fibrous tissue? (That's all I can remember ) thanks for replying xx


Hi, you poor thing, well I would suggest going to your Gp and requesting a referral to an dond specialist look at the bsge list, and you can take a name and place of endo centre to Gp,

Have a look at a lady called lindle, on here, she has written some fab posts, there is bound to be some help in there somewhere,

Good luck xxx


Hi - when you say ablation was this previously for endometrial ablation in your uterus as this would suggest adenomyosis which can give those symptoms. If they ablated the supposed endo then they would no longer have it to test at the lab. You need to get a copy of both the operative report sent to your GP and the biopsy report which might be at your surgery or you might have to get this from the hospital. There'll be a small charge but not much. Then get back to us x


Thank you so much for your reply, I had endometrial ablation in Jan 14 for heavy bleeding, I now have hardly any bleeding but the pain when I'm ovulating and on my period is horrific, I was also told once by a gyne Dr that my womb was 'bulky'. I'll see if I can get hold of all the records relating to this. I wish these drs spoke to each other. Thanks again so much xx


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