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Not sure if I should be posting this here or on another forum but here it goes.

I'm due to have an op in the summer to either clip or remove my Fallopian tubes due to severe endometriosis (my tubes are both blocked and swollen) and I was just wondering it anyone could let me know what to expect.

What are the period pains like after the op?How big are the cuts? what is the recovery time?

These are just a few questions I have but if anyone has experienced this or can just give me some advice then I'd really appreciate it.

My next op after this is to remove part of my bowel but I'm trying to only worry about one at a time.




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Hello and welcome, I havnt got any advise fir you, but just wanted to let you no, you are most defenantly in the right place, and I wish you well,



you should expect to be on bedrest for at leaste 2 months, especially if the doctors are removing scar tissue. Also, expect a menstrual that you cant keep track of. The doctor will prescribe something to halt the bleeding to prevent endo from occuring again. You may have to go through a trial and error process to find out what works best for you. For example I was prescribed aygestin to completely stop my period and my body completely took over and resumed a cycle. I have now been prescribed something different. Fingers corssed it works. Wishing you the best of luck!


Thank you for replying. Wow 2 months! I wasn't expecting the recovery time to be that long. We are hoping to have a transfer (we are having IVF) once I've recovered so not sure they will put me on anything. That's annoying if my periods get messed up as they are so regular at the mo.




Hi, I know it's not quite the same but I am 6 weeks post op after major laparoscopic excision surgery to remove adehesions and endo from my ureters, bladder, ovaries, pouch of douglas, ligaments, peritoneal lining (all of my lining was removed), basically everywhere according to my specialist and also a total hysterectomy (ie uterus and cervix removed) for adenomyosis. I was in surgery for almost 7 hours.

I am happy to say that even though I have had a couple of set backs (post op complication followed by an infection a couple of weeks later) I am progressing well. I'm managing a half hour walk daily and some housework. I think I would be a bit more advanced even if it weren't for the complications I had. I even booked myself a physio appointment for 6 weeks post op so she could tell me what I can and can't do and she thought I was doing well in terms of recovery!

I feel quite tired quickly and still have some stabbing pains occasionally which I think is both a sign of my body healing but also when I've overdone it a bit. I've never been one to sleep during the day but I retire to bed at about 6pm or 7pm now most nights and watch TV in bed as I feel quite exhausted. I'm sure this will improve though and is just because my body is zapping my energy whislt it heals itself.

I would (and my specialist would) recommend walking around as soon as possible after surgery as it will help reduce the risk of adhesions, DVT and constipation 😝. I'm obviously not talking walking or running marathons but just gentle walking around the house every hour or so for 5 mins, with a supportive arm to begin with if you are a bit wobbly on your feet.

I was up and walking the next day after surgery even though the complications were causing me a lot of pain and nausea which resulted in a longer stay in hospital. I would have been discharged after only 1 night had I not had the issue I had and in fact when the issue was finally resolved I was fine (and happy!) to go home which even meant a 2.5hr drive home - wasn't anywhere near as bad as I was expecting given the level of surgery I had.

Obviously everyone is different as will be their recovery but the body truly is more resilient then I'd given it credit for!

It's a balancing act between pushing yourself enough to progress but not so much as to set yourself back!

If there's such a thing as reincarnation I'm definitely coming back as a man next time😝!

I hope it all goes well for you, best wishes x


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