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Hello all I am new and just surfing around :)


I just thought I would stop by and say hi, I am new to the website and not sure yet where is the best to start posting? I have endo, 3 laparoscopies to date and lazer treatment to add to the mix, in the end my early menopause took pride of place so I am now on the road to egg donation. wishing everybody success with their treatments :)

Best wishes Becca

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Hi Becca, welcome to the site. I am also waiting for fertility treatment as the endometriosis has blocked my tubes. Best of luck with your treatment x


Hi Shehulk

Thanks for the reply, wishing you the very best of luck :) Do you know how long you have to wait is it NHS? xx


Hi Becca, tbh I am not sure, waiting times depend on your hospital I think. Where are you? I going through nhs at the moment. I was refered in November and got the letter in February and started with test in March. Now waiting for results and next steps x