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Waiting for 2nd Lap with Novasure


Hope you are all as well as possible. I had my referral with the surgeon after trying another mirena (had to have it removed after 8 months). She agreed to do another lap and another surgeon will do the novasure. I'm really pleased as I didn't really have to put up much of a fight, I was armed with bleeding and pain diaries and my partner. She did ask me to try injections to induce a false menopause to which I flat point refused as I didn't want to do anything that would increase my migraines or affect my mental health.

So just waiting for the appointment to come through. I am slightly nervous I just want this misery to end.


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Novasure is great!! Fixed my insane periods overnight.... I did end up with a hysterectomy but that was for the endo and at least I had a year off to build up my red blood count again!!

You will be so happy you had it done, I barely had any pain, certainly no worse than a period!

Good luck!


Aw thanks for you message. It gives me a bit of confidence. I'm keeping everything crossed x


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