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Strange pulling sensation while having a wee!

Hello all. I'm having all sorts of problems lately. I had endometriosis from age 19, am now 53, but the problems keep coming. I had an early menopause, 39.

After numerous problems lately, I was given a scan and told my endometrium was 8 mm. To cut a long story short, I'm having a biopsy tomorrow.

My other problem that may or may not be connected, is a strange pulling sensation while having a wee. Almost painful. I've also got an appointment at the hospital on tuesday with the urologist because of kidney ache.

So....does anyone think these problems are connected? I saw something about a prolapsed womb?? Any thoughts anyone?

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Hi - did you have HRT after your early menopause and I assume you still have your uterus and ovaries?


Tried all sorts of HRT, didn't get along with any of them! I do still have uterus and ovaries. Apparantly ovaries are like little raisins now!

Because of the endo I'm told everything is stuck together. He didn't elaborate!


Hi - click on my username and have a look at my post on postmenopausal endo and on pouch of douglas endo. You can still have endo after menopause. The biopsy won't be anything to do with endo - they are just checking that all is well with your uterus especially as you haven't taken progestogen which has a protective effect on the endometrium.

If the urinary investigations don't come up with anything I would strongly advise you to request a referral to an endo centre. Look at my post on finding a specialist x

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The pulling sensation could be because everything is stuck together. I had a twisting and pulling sensation in my fallopian tube when peeing... My ovary was stuck to my pelvis and somehow as I peed it seemed to pull on that (I don't understand how or why).


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