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Recently found out i had endo whilst i had surgery for an ectopic pregnancy, i have had 7/8 years of pain and they have diagnosised me with alsorts of bowel conditions but now knowing i have endo i can see alot of my problems are related to endo rather than a bowel condition.

But reading through my hospital discharge notes they have said that i dont have many patches but they are scattered about on different organs. The amount of pain i get in my pelvis and back often makes my job as a staff nurse very difficult.

Im worried as my first appointment with gyne is on tuesday and because i guess my case is classed as mild im worried they may brush me off and not offer me any treatment but i honestly cannot live this way any more, things are 10x worse atm because of the loss of te pregnancy and the strain on the body generally. I guess just wondered if anyone has any advice when i go to see the consultant....

Thanks in advance xx

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Hi - click on my username and have a look at my posts on endo and its many symptoms and the one on POD endo. Back pain is suggestive of this but could you give a more detailed description of your symptoms at any time of your cycle.x


Speak to your doctor about how you're feeling! my experience is that gynaecologists that know about endometriosis know how much it can affect our lives and because of this listen more to how we feel about it all, because these feelings can give away what symptoms we have and how bad they are!

Try not to worry too much. They will do all they can to help you have a better quality of life!

I'm so sorry to hear about your ectopic pregnancy. My thoughts are with you.


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