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6 month follow up, sever stage IV endo

Good morning,

Brave ladies, I have been reading your post, and I will like to share my concerns with you as well.

Last week I have seen my doctor to follow up my surgery. Things are okay, bladder is fine, bowels are under control with mild-moderate pain, cannot complain much.

I still do have an issues, my GP has sent be to 3 other departments to arrange my coil fitted and each time I was sent to another place so far I had no luck arranging an appointment and my doctor is not happy about this.

Secondly , all the area of the surgery, muscle area, I am in pain. Discomfort pain with end of days where I have something the size of a golf ball as pressure inside. GP said to talk to doctor and he said muscles are recovering after surgery... It has been 6 months already, shouldn't this pain been earlier and not now. I have other pain toward my ovaries and I know to tell the different as the muscle pain is on the line of my belly button and underneath it....

Has anyone else been experimenting this? Or anything similar ? I don't seem to be able to find much information on internet and my GP clearly does not get involved unless is from my doctor directly...

I look forward to hear your opinions.

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