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Follow up

Hi all,

I am having a two stage treatment of endo. I had my first op on 7th April and was given an injection for a fake menopause straight after. I am to have this injection every 28 days for 3 months and then have my 2nd op.

My next injection is due on 5th May at the University College London Hospital but they have not yet contacted me for an appointment and I was told to chase if I hadn't heard anything 2 weeks before. Problem is I can't get hold of anyone!! I phoned the appointment line and they said an appointment hadn't been requested by my consultant. I have a number for the endo centre and the phone just keeps ringing and the mailbox is full! I have emailed the endo nurse specialist a couple of times over the last week and she hasn't replied.

I really don't know what to do....I obviously need my injection on time and I don't think my GP can give it to me unless instructed to do so by the hospital....really starting to stress over it.

Any tips on what I should do?

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Have you tried getting through to the secretary of your consultant, and try your Gp he might be able to contact someone regarding him giving it to you,

Sorry that on top of everything else you are made to stress about thus, it's a simple thing that the hospitals should be getting right, makes me wild that they not,

Good luck xxxx


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