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Endo has returned.. fertility help for baby no. 3?!

Hi ladies,

I'm new here but sadly not new to endo! I was diagnosed by laparoscopy in 2005 and then again in 2010 when it returned.

Fortunately, I fell pregnant in 2011 and then was very lucky to fall pregnant again just a few months after my baby was born.

Now we are trying again for baby no. 3 and in addition to taking a little while to happen, I have noticed the familiar pains from before and I am spotting for a couple of days before each period and then again for up to 4 days after.

As I have successfully fallen pregnant (albeit after a laparoscopy to remove endo), would we be classed with 'secondary infertility'? And what fertility assistance is available to us other than further surgery? (Partly, I am being a wimp for not wanting another lap but also with 2 young children and no family close I'm not entirely sure how I'd recover!)

Thanks in advance ladies. Sorry if it seems a bit defeatist about TTC, I'm not at 'panic station' yet.. we're more than happy to just keep trying for now but if ultimately our next step will be surgery I'd rather get my head round that now and tackle the endo sooner rather than later!

thank you!

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