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Nightime tips

This is a bit of a weird post. Im currently going through an Endo Flare, and its so painful every minute of everyday but I was wondering if anyone had tips and tricks for nighttime? I just cannot seem to get into a postion where im comfortable. I toss and and turn for hours until im so tired I must just pass out. I have tried to Google 'tips to help sleep at night with Endometriosis' and all that seems to come up is people who have had hysterectomes or lapacorsypies (REALLY BAD SPELLING). Do you guys have any tips and tricks to get comfy or to sleep at night?

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Hi. Sorry to hear about the pain your endometriosis is causing you. I have recently been diagnosed with Endometriosis and Adenomyosis recently. Endometriosis has really effected my sleep over the last few months I felt so exhausted I wasn't sleeping so wasn't getting a break from the pain. My Dr prescribed me amitripyline which has helped it is a anti depressant but that wasn't why I was given it relaxes the muscles so helps you to sleep, the only downside is that after a while your body gets used to the dosage and it has to be up ed but it has helped me a lot, might be worth discussion with your Gp. The other that I have only had a few days but is amazing my other half brought me a dreamland electric heat pad it has 5 settings so I have been heating it up to 5 then turning it down to 3 before I go off to sleep and it turns itself off after 3 hours but as it's flat unlike a water bottle it's really comfy.

Hope this helps

Jo x


I take an extra pillow or cushion into bed with me and use it to prop myself on my side - put it under my knees or tummy or wherever I feel the discomfort is coming from at the time.


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