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Very late or missed periods

I am currently on day 42 of my cycle. A negative HTP later and I'm wondering if very late or even missed periods are yet another side - effect of endo.

My cycles aren't that regular anyway ranging from about 26 to 33 days, with occasional slightly shorter or longer cycles, but I've never had one this long before.

Any info greatly appreciated. TIA x

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Hi, I posted something very similar a couple of weeks ago as I was coming up to missing my third period. Same as you in terms of general lengths (24 to 34 days) and then my period just didn't happen. No cramping, no spotting, no brown blood etc etc that I usually have. I even did a (pointless, I knew it was) pregnancy test after about 9 weeks as it was so ridiculous.

Well my period did come after about 11 weeks (I stopped counting days!). Now I am mid-month and have the usual cramping, brown blood that I have so I imagine all is trundling along as usual. Can't really help you as such but I have just been through it.

How are you feeling? Does it feel like your period is on the way?


Ps when my period did come it was no worse than usual which is what I was worried about.


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