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Follow-up after lap op?


6 weeks ago I had an emergency lap op due to a large cyst which had ruptured and they also excised Endometreosis which I never knew I had. The surgeon who happened to do it was excellent and an endo specialist. When he came to visit me on his rounds next morning all he said was he had cleared out all the cyst remains and excised the endo. I distinctly remember him saying he would see me for follow up at endo clinic and because I had been Ttc for 2 years and I'm 36 that he would refer me to more specialist fertility colleagues in the repro clinic. My discharge letter also states "further follow up and specialist apps being arranged by hospital". Fast forward 6 weeks my GP has chased the follow up app twice and nothing. He is fobbed out by secretary. This morning I call secretary myself and explain and she said no further follow up apps have been arranged, that the consultant who did my op is on holiday and another registrar may write a letter. When I get home from work today, a letter was there ( the secretary didn't even say it had been sent already) from this other doc which was just two lines stating it was a ruptured choc cyst (I knew this 6 weeks ago!!) and they excised endo (I know!!!!!) and that there was no cause for concern following biopsy (good news) and that no further appointments as far as she knows have been arranged??? I wait 6 weeks for a letter like that. All I want is a simple follow up app with the consultant who operated on me to discuss in more detail what was found. Before this op I had never heard of endo and this follows 4 months of trips to gynae triage in constant pain because of cyst. Now after research and this fantastic forum I'm now v informed. However i believe I have a right to follow up and I want to know what he found, how spread was it? What stage etc. Instead because of chasing by my GP I'm fobbed off by a sparse letter and a no need to see us. I'm just wondering if follow up post op with the consultant is normal and was experienced by you all? I'm so frustrated Nd upset. Don't even get me started on the fertility clinic follow up which obviously has not been done either. Looking for advice on what I should do next? I should maybe just wait until he returns from holiday and then ask to speak to him directly via his secretary or write a letter to him or go back to my GP? My husband says I shouldn't be getting upset as it says no other concerns where found which is good but I'm just so frustrated as over past 5 months I've never spoken to any consultant about this and I had so many questions. Yes I'm recovered and doing well but I have so many questions. Thanks in advance for advise.


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Write a letter to your surgeon and copy in your GP. Say that you understood you would be having a follow up appointment (as that's what he told you) and that you have since been informed you won't. Then explain why you want one. Also ask about the fertility referral. I find letters usually get the consultant's attention as they can't really ignore it, plus copying in your GP shows you mean business and keeps them in the loop.

Whether one has a follow up really seems to vary based on the hospital/area. I was told my follow up would be 6 months later (which would be in May, but I don't know if they'll remember). Other women seem to have follow ups in days or weeks after the lap. I know the hospital I go to is really busy and backed up with appointments - perhaps yours is similar and they are trying to get out of giving you an appointment.


Reading this is a complete dejavo for me if that's how spelt ... I had a laproscopy back in 2012 where I was fobbed off to the max .. just told I had a fibroid and told I'd get follow up but nothing ... even argued to try get seen ... and gave up back then ... and only now have I found out this fibroid is infact a dermoid cyst on my left ovary and was there then ... again I'm told I might have endometriosis too .. I'm due another laproscopy on Monday 20th of April to remove the dermoid cyst and look for endometriosis .. really no idea what after that this time ...


That is awful and here you are again facing another op! Your health is so important and whilst I cannot thank the docs enough for how they performed the emergency op etc, I just think it all falls down when it comes to aftercare. Clearly that has been your situ too. It's so frustrating when you have been told something and you are left in limbo. Prior to my op I has never heard of endo and they expect you to take it all when you are out of it just after an op. The very least you should expect is to be able to talk to somewhere who can tell you exactly what happened and implications for future health etc! 😖

Wishing you a speedy recovery after your op and insist insist insist on follow up after this one and also read your notes whilst in hospital. I wish I had done that. Take care.


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