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First period after decapeptyl

Hi. I finished an 8month course of decapeptyl in January and think that I am about to get my first period since then. I am in excruciating pain across my pelvis and lower back. Has anybody else found their first period after decapeptyl even worse than normal? I am taking diclofenac and cocodomol. My GP has also given me a prescription for tramadol but I really want to avoid taking it if at all possible. I am due to have surgery at the end of May for ovarian remant syndrome, adhesions and endo removal. I am having it done at Oxford having been referred by my Consultant at Nottingham. I know we are not meant to name Consultants however mine is female and has the initials NP! Has anybody had experience of her? It's my 7th operation and I am desperate for a good outcome. Thank you!

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Hi really sorry to hear that you are in such pain.sorry I have experience with the decapeptyl, I have just been diagnosed with Endometriosis and Adenomyosis. I understand what you are saying about Tramadol as I have to take it daily due to the pain and it makes me feel very sick and lethargic. My laparoscopy was with the person you mentioned and they were fantastic told me what they would do and came to speak to me after and gave me a idea of what to to expect. They advised me they had removed my endometriosis but I have adenomyosis aswell so said if pain hadn't reduced we would have to discuss a hysterectomy as this is only cure for Adenomyosis. But they were great I honestly felt in safe hands.

Hope this helps x


Thank you so much. Really sorry about your diagnosis too and hope things can be improved for you as quickly as possible. Am actually looking forward to the general anaesthetic as at least it's a way of escaping everything for a while. Axx


I really hope things improve for you with this laparoscopy. I felt so dissapointed a few days after with the pain still being there, but that wasn't due to the surgeon it's because it's adenomyosis. They were great I'm just glad that I'm in the right place and moving nearer to being pain free as it seems like it's been forever. Good luck for your laparoscopy and I hope you get some relief from the pain x


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