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2nd Lap Tomorrow, scared!!!

I have my 2nd lap tomorrow, my first one was in July last year and it didn't go well. They didn't remove anything as something 'technical' went wrong although I was in theatre nearly 2 hours. I was kept in hospital for 4 days and was pretty unwell, had a catheter and just in agony.

I know it can't go wrong again, plus I have a different surgeon this time but am panicking a little with all the memories of July my heart will not stop pacing today

Thankfully this time tomorrow it will all be done :)

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Really sorry to hear that your first laparoscopy didn't go well I'm sure that must have have really scared you. I recently had my first laparoscopy and I was terrified I thought I was going to be sick I was so stressed I'd never had a anesthetic before and I have a big needle phobia so was worried about the IV it all went well thankfully. I'm sure there isn't anything I can make you feel better as you had such a traumatic time last time. Stay positive and keep telling yourself it will go well. Good luck for tomorrow xx


Am definitely trying to be positive :) thank you for replying, it'll soon be over now thankfully xxx


I just wanted to say good luck for tomorrow. I know what it's like to have had a bad experience and you can't help but worry it will be the same. Try and really focus on the fact it's a different surgeon. Also maybe take some magazines or a book - anything that could help distract you before you go in. Maybe watch a film today or sit out in the sun if poss? Anything that you'd usually find relaxing. In these situations I try and convince myself it will be just a normal day to delay the stress. It's so difficult not to get worked up early.

Take care and let us know how it goes xx


Thank you :) it went well and they burned away a lot of it. In a lot of pain but so glad it's all over now xxx


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